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Frame-type construction generators serve as a portable source of electricity on contruction sites and at other outdoor activities where mains electricity is not at hand.

Depending on the demand for power quality it is possible to choose either the basic capacity voltage regulation (which is suitable for lights or power tools) or electronic regulation AVR, which is suitable even for powering computers or precise electronic devices.
The range of generators is further extended by several models of engine-driven portable welders TRH.


  • Transport wheels
  • Circuit breaker
  • Voltmeter
  • Counter of operating hours
  • Optional set of electric starting (unless the model has electric starting as a standard) together with electric control of the fuel tap, makes possible to include the generators into a system of backup power supply and to use it as a fully automatic backup source.
  • Electric start for engines GX 160, GX 270, GX 390
  • Electric fuel tap for engines GX 160, GX 270, GX 390
  • Choke kit for engines GX 160, GX 270, GX 390


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