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Challenge, courage, determination, faith, future.. All these terms define what the e.Vision means for us in NTC.

Our battery powered machines use the most modern technologies on the market. Currently we offer machines with Honda engines and battery, which guarantee high quality, reliability and, above all the stability.

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Currently in our battery powered machines range:

Engine and battery Honda

– forward vibratory plates
- tamping rammers
- floor saws

  • Battery powered
Weight w/o battery 90 kg
Plate width 400 mm
Frequency 100 Hz
Centrifugal force 15 kN
Engine Honda GXE 2.0H
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Weight w/o battery 75 - 80 kg
Shoe width 285 mm
Frequency 650 blows/min
Compacting force 17 - 18 kN
Engine Honda GXE 2.0S
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Floor saws
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Weight w/o battery 72 kg
Max. cutting depth 110 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm
Water tank capacity 12 l
Engine Honda GXE 2.0H
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