| Značka Czech Made

In 2018 after a big changes in our company we welcomed the new era by the change of our logo. Since that change some time passed and we are facing the question "Where to move on?" again.

These days there is a lot of products on the market from a lot of producers and the quality of products, service and technical support can vary a lot. So how to choose the best choice in this overloaded world?

For clear identification, we therefore decided on a simple and unmistakable definition of our brand by creating our own identifier of origin, the Czech Made trademark.

Our mark, our vision..

Our trademark Czech Made helps to easily indentify the origin of our products. There is no need to search through all the products and manufacturers with a questions like "Does it worth it?", "What quality can I expect?", "What service I will get?", "Will anybody help me with a choice?", "Where it was made?", ...

All theses questions are answered by our Czech Made trademark, as it represents the great inventions and inventors of the past as:

  • Karel Klíč: Heliogravure (intaglio printing method)
  • Josef Ludvík František Ressel: Ship propeller
  • Synthesia v Semtíně u Pardubic: Semtex (explosive)
  • Otto Wichterle: Contact lenses
  • Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth v Českých Budějovicích: Versatilka (mechanical pencil)
  • Jindřich Waldes a Hynek Puc: Snap button

We are Czechs, we are 

We are Czechs, we are descendants of great technicians of the past. History is our teacher, challenge and our vision.

Czech Made: with us you know what to expect.