NTC Profesionální stavební technika

Our history

In 1991 gentlemen Petr Ratsam and Miloslav Holý decided to start their business career. They established NTC association with the main focus of service for construction machinery. The company's activities were subsequently profiled up to today's form.



We are NTC

Gentlemen Ing. Petr Ratsam and Ing. Miloslav Holý founded the association NTC = Náchod Technical Company and began its activities in the field of service and sales of military and construction equipment in the area in Nové Město nad Metují.


Own development

We develop the idea of our own product line and start with the development of the first NTC machine - forward vibratory plate.


Premises change

We move to the office in Česká Skalice.


First machine launch

We start the serial production of the very first machine of own production, forward vibratory plate VD 350 (the first machine from the Klasik series later renamed to VD 350/16).


Beyond the borders

For the first time our machines were sold to Slovakia, Germany and Spain.


Our company, our life

We establish NTC STAVEBNÍ TECHNIKA spol. s r. o. and we create the identity for our business.


Success, the never ending hard work

Mr. Jaroslav Taušner enters the company and in a few years he become an NTC icon on the Czech market.


To Siberia

We are getting our first machines to Russia and so we expanding awareness of our brand.


World standard definition

We finalize the development of the first NTC floor saw. It is the world's first floor saw with a concept of closed frame, which significantly increases the machine rigidity. Nowadays this concept is standard for such a machines.


We don't stop

For the first time we are present as a exhibitors on International Construction Fair in Brno in Czechia and we present our first walk-behind vibratory roller VVV 600/12.


Higher standard

We are implementing a management system and obtaining ISO 9001 certification.


Not only at home

Export of our machines abroad becomes our dominant activity.


Focused on own development

We expand production capacities and start the development of own reversible vibratory plates. For the first time in cooperation with industrial designers.


Another series

We start the serial production of our first reversible vibratory plate VDR 63.


Premiere at Bauma

We exhibit on the Bauma in Munchen for the first time.



We start the redesign process of the first machines in our product line, the walk-behind vibratory rollers.


Own rental shops

We open new branches of rental shops in Hradec Králové and Pardubice.


Bigger machines

Introducing the VT 090 tandem vibratory roller and we ship the s/n. 3 to South Africa.


Nothing can stop us

Despite the global economic crisis, we start the serial production of the Elegant series of forward vibratory plates.


Design innovation

We innovate the design of series of reversible vibratory plates and we expand the series with new models.


A bit further

We launch the serial production of forward vibratory plates Practic series and we ship our first machines to Saudi Arabia.


Cutting masters

We optimize our range of floor saws and develop the range of Easy, Pro and Exclusive series.


The dawn of history

We innovate a design of our first forward vibratory plates from Klasik series.


The life is change

Co-founder Ing. Miloslav Holý ends his work in the company, Ing. Petr Ratsam buys out his share and thus becomes 100% owner of the company. With this change, the company's logo is also being modernized.


The queens collection

We launch our heaviest reversible vibratory plate of Queen series the VDR 75HE.


We are the family

Son of the founder Ing. Pavel Ratsam join the company and together we transform the NTC to the family business with strong legacy.


Origins celebration

We update the visual style of company with a focus on our origin and we create a logo CZECH MADE.