About tamping rammers

Tamping rammers are specialists in soil compaction. They are designed mainly for a small-scale compaction works where a large compaction effect is required.

These machines are very easy to handle and it can be used skillfully in confined spaces, such as work in excavations or compaction around pipelines.

Categories of tamping rammers:

With combustion engines

- with a gasoline or diesel engines


- powered by electric network or battery powered engines

  • Tamping rammers
Spark series
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Weight 64 - 76 kg
Shoe width 250 - 285 mm
Frequency 650 blows/min
Compacting force 15 - 18 kN
Engine Honda (petrol)
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Weight w/o battery 75 - 80 kg
Shoe width 285 mm
Frequency 650 blows/min
Compacting force 17 - 18 kN
Engine Honda GXE 2.0S
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