Our values

Ever since NTC was founded, our founders had a clear idea of the direction of their activities. Our company's activities have evolved over the years, but our values are constant and unchanging, rooted right at the heart of our company, in its name.

N = Nachod

Name of the district where the company was established.

This expresses where we come from and reinforces our national pride, the relationship to our region and also our responsibility for the impact of our actions on this place.

Let's not forget our roots.

T = Technical

Our activities were, are and will always be directed towards the technical sector primarily due to the connection with history.

Czech technicians have always been recognized as masters in the field, and we humbly follow this direction.

Let's respect our ancestors and their legacy.

C = Company

Representing society, community and partnership.

This part of the puzzle represents an effort to think comprehensively with the aim of promoting the expediency of the impact of our activities on everything they are connected with.

Let's remember that every our action affects our surroundings.

NTC | Nachod Technical Company