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Czech Made trademark

In 2018, after huge changes in our company, we started a new era with changing our logo. Some time has passed since then, and now the question is, "Where shall we move next?".

Nowadays, the market is flooded with products from a huge number of producers. Each of them has different product qualities, services and technical support. All of it leads to the question "How to choose wisely?"

For clear recognition, we decided to create our own identifier of origin, trademark Czech Made.

Our trademark, our vision..

Our trademark Czech Made helps to clearly indetify the origin of our products. There’s no longer any need to ask questions „Is it worth it?“, „What about quality?“, „What will be the service like?“, „Can anyone give me right advice?“, „Where these products were actually made?“, …

All of these questions are answered by our trademark Czech Made, because Czech Made represents the great inventions and inventors of the past, such as:

  • Karel Klíč: Heliogravure (intaglio printing method)
  • Josef Ludvík František Ressel: Screw-propeller
  • Synthesia v Semtíně u Pardubic: Semtex (plastic explosive)
  • Otto Wichterle: Contact lenses
  • Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth v Českých Budějovicích: Versatile (mechanical pencil)
  • Jindřich Waldes a Hynek Puc: Snap fastener

We are Czechs, we are descendants of great technicians of the past. History is our teacher, challenge and vision.

Czech Made: with us you know what to expect

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