e.Vision story

Challenge, courage, determination, faith, future..

All these terms define what the e.Vision means for us in NTC.

Our blue planet, the home, the guardian, the keeper of all answers. With the e.Vision project we want to support all new ways in the field of light construction machinery which should bring:

  • better e.nviromental impact,
  • better e.nergy management,
  • groundbreaking e.fficiency,

and all this is covered by nowadays technology e.volution, which try to help to save the planet as we know it.

Do you want to know more..?

What the e.Vision is?

The e.Vision represent our responsibility for an environment we live in. It reflects the current world situation and the effort to go in a new direction towards a better future.

This program includes all battery-powered machines in our range.

Why to choose battery-powered systems?

The whole project aims at comprehensive support for our planet. In general, human actions have an adverse effect on the Earth. With the e.Vision project, we want to reduce this footprint to the lowest possible level and thus help save our planet for future generations.

Our battery machines are designed to evoke the strongest possible positive emotions during work and calmness in a harsh environment.

Battery drives are indeed an elegant solution of today's times. They offer a very high degree of optimization of the appearance, layout and overall concept of the machine.

Compared to combustion engines, battery-powered systems are many times simpler devices from a mechanical point of view and it is possible to say that these systems are almost maintenance-free machines.

These systems have zero exhaust emissions, very low vibrations, thermal and sound emissions, and thanks to these characteristics, it is almost perfect solution for the device operation for the surroundings.

In general the efficiency of eletric engines is much higher than the efficiency of combustion engines. When the efficiency of electricity production is included to the formula we can find, that even with commonly used technologies with the electric engines we can reach the efficiency increase of energy usage about 50-75% compared to combustion engines.

Today, humanity has technologies for transforming almost any type of energy into electrical energy, thanks to which electricity has become the most universal "fuel" of today.

Once we reach an even higher stage of technological advancement in electrical energy generation, transformation, storage and handling, it can potentially be the only form of energy for end-user processing.

The topic of electrification is a very important topic discussed worldwide these days. Today, we can meet him in practically all branches of human activity, and because of this, much attention is paid to developments in this area.

Thanks to this effort, it can be assumed that we can achieve significant progress in this field in near future.

Our battery-powered machines