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Paver rollers

For todays standards

In recent years, we have increasingly encountered the laying of large-format paving for both residential and commercial purposes.

In order to be able to install large-format tiles in a high-quality way, it is necessary to choose the right laying technology.

It is for these purposes that we have developed paver rollers, which are an ideal helper when laying this type of paving.

The VDV 10 and VDV 10V models are intended for compaction of walking and drivable large-format pavements.

It uses 4 compaction rollers with a cast Vulkollan surface for maximum compaction effect and protection of the pavement.

The central handling eye offers simple handling using a strap or forklift forks.

Important technical parameters

125 kg

Net weight

10 kN

Centrifugal force

100 Hz


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