Worldwide warranty conditions:

  • Warranty period for NTC machines and equipment is 12 months from date of sale to the enduser or 15 months from date of shipping from NTC, whichever comes first.
  • The warranty covers failures caused by faulty material or workmanship.
  • Coverage under warranty is limited to free delivery of spare parts necessary for the repair.
  • NTC does not reimburse to Business Partners /customer any costs for transportation of the machine, travelling and labour of technicians, lost profit costs of renting of a replacement machine, nor any other related costs.
  • NTC warranty does not relate to engines HONDA, HATZ, Briggs&Stratton, Kohler (or other) – warranty for the engines is directed by conditions of their respective manufacturers.
  • Excluded from the warranty are wear parts (consumables), such as drive belts, bowdens
    (control cables), filters, soft pads, cutting blades, tyres, batteries, operational fluids, etc.
    The warranty does not cover normal operational wear and tear.

The warranty is considered null and void in case that:

  • The Product was not used, maintained or serviced in accordance with the Operational manual or when it was damaged by unprofessional intervention by the user or unauthorized service.
  • The Product was used under other conditions or to other purposes than it is intended for.
  • Other than recommended spare parts or operational fluids were used for servicing.
  • The Product was damaged by an accident or by forces of nature.
  • The Product was modified without Manufacturer´s approval.
  • The failure was caused by improper storage or handling.

These warranty conditions can be changes by an individual agreement. For individual markets NTC and/or the Business Partner may set extended warranty conditions above the extent of the above worldwide warranty.